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I keep coming back

So much has happened and I never have time to update. I miss Lj. I miss just venting or updating whatever it is I'm up to. And, a lot of stuff has happened both good and bad. I am going to update and hopefully get back in the grove. So, I'm back and it feels good to be back.

So excited!!

A prequel to GITS. I'm super happy.

So excited!!

This might be the factor to me getting the Wii U. I also want the 3DS since there's a new Fire Emblem coming out.
Finally got a flickr account for my random photos. If anyone wants to add me it's kalesama

Nov. 21st, 2012

Been rereading "Bleach" from the beginning since the whole Ichigo might be a Quincy has left me with a case of what the fuck. It's cool to see the gang again before the current arc of annoyance.

The newest chapter introduces the Zero Division who appear to be a bunch of asses. They took Rukia, Renji, Byakuya and also Ichigo's Zangetsu. They want Ichigo to meet the King. And, I'm annoyed. I like the series but flesh out the characters we already have not keep adding new ones. It takes away from the plot where every new arc there's ten million new characters just waiting for you.
I got caught up with several manga.

Bleach - Ichigo is somehow related to Juhabach through his mother. I'm thinking Juhabach is his grandfather since (I hope) he's clearly Isshin's son. It would make more sense with that being the case since Ichigo has soul reaper abilities inherited from his dad and not full blown Quincy powers. Than again, who knows. I am going to have to reread the chapters leading up to this encase I missed something. And, I really hope it's not the last time we see Byakuya.

Toriko - The boys combined their hunger power to defeat the legendary beast. The whole world parties like it's 1999. Teppei's head and fingers were on a bowl of fruit in the previous chapter which made me uneasy since he ran into this mysterious cloaked figure. Teppei wakes up and is completely healed by Pukin. She notes that his scar seemed to gotten bigger. Foreshadowing! Toriko notes to Rin that Terry's powers will evolve eventually and he created or mastered some new technique. Komatsu made it into the prestigious IGO Chef Ranking, now holding the rank of 88th best chef in the world. Some new characters makes his appearance and it looks like he know Komatsu. The mysterious cloaked figure goes back to the Gourmet Pyramid and notices something is missing. I'm assuming that's where he went.

One Piece - Finally got caught up. I cried when Ace died and cried with Brook told his story about the Rumbar Pirates. Well, I got teary eye. The Ace arc was just awesome and I actually became a huge fan of Crocodile because of it. Punk Hazard's arc is just very interesting. I like seeing how all the characters really have improved even though the Fishman Island arc kind of covered that. I just think you can really see them shine in the current arc. I really can't wait for this new arc to be finished.
Next year, I'm going to Halloween Horror Nights for a 3 day weekend. Universal offers deals with hotel and ticket so I'm going to invite a few people to go. Silent Hill won't be there next year (boooo) but maybe they'll do a Resident Evil or Fatal Frame. That be awesome.
Oh poor fandom. I just read the latest chapter of Bleach and it breaks my heart. I'm hoping for a fandom miracle.

I am also way behind on One Piece but I'm at the part where the Whitebeard Pirates are ready to save Ace. I know what happens but I still want him to be saved.

Oct. 24th, 2012

Happy Birthday bluepunk!! Hope it's a great one hun. :D

Oct. 22nd, 2012

Have a bunch of items coming in from ebay and thinkgeek for xmas presents. I'm slowly trying to get done but I think i'll just be rushing to finish no matter what I do. D: ... But, I do have some stuff coming to me from ebay and thinkgeek. Got a huge bargain on "Downtown Abbey" both seasons. I paid $26.96 total with free shipping. I'm trying to locate "Sherlock" for Erin and maybe Cindy but I have to see if either or might like the awesome series.

Still waiting word from Tom about the proposed party and gift ideas that Sum, Sheila and myself agreed on. Hopefully, we'll get an answer soon but i'm not sure if he got the email or anything.

My Halloween quiz is completed and has been sent to my coworkers. I doubt that anyone will do it but it kept me busy. Now, I need to find something else to occupy my time here at work. Maybe, I'll just do another safety quiz for winter but start it early or a newsletter like the dealers have for safety. Something or i'll go insane.

This Thursday night, Beth invited Cindy, Lou, Tom and myself for dinner and a bonfire. So excited! Maybe, I can see Erin and play with the puppy. Friday is horror night! Sheila, Erin, Tom (if he's not working) and myself are going for some Halloween fun. :D